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November 22, 2012


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5) 'Little Mermaid 3; Ariel's Beginning'

This movie should be renamed 'Wasted Potential' the movie.

With a title that implies that its a film exploring the backstory of one of Disney's most famous characters you expect the writers to put in extra effort. I was actually looking forward to see this, I'm not joking. I was expecting this film to redeem Ariel in my eyes and make me like her. Perhaps this film was going to explore why Ariel was so obsessed with humans and adding more motivations to her actions from the first movie. Maybe we will find out more about her father too, and her relationship with her family and how she met Flounder. Oh and didn't Ursula live at the palace back then? Maybe we see why she got banished! Oh my god this movie is going to be great.

... :(

Not only this movie was worse than I imagined but it has the most IDIOTIC plot out of all the sequels. I'm dead serious, the lack of logic, common sense and braincells in this movie is amazing. Due to that fact alone, this film is WORSE than the Little Mermaid 2. Sure the plot from that movie was lazy and also lacked common sense, well multiply that by ten and you have Little Mermaid 3.

Okay so, what is the plot of this movie? Well don't be fooled by the plot summary of IMDB which makes this movie sound interesting and worth a watch;

The plot explores the story of Athena, Ariel's mother, through the narration of Ariel.

Who wrote this? I swear I want to find the person who wrote this because of THAT person I thought this movie was going to be worth my time. The story of Athena is five minutes long and only ocurrs in the begining of the movie. Even more misleading, the narration is done by SEBASTIAN not Ariel.  The rest of the movie is patient my lovelies I must start from the beginning.

Okay so the movie starts by telling us about Queen Athena, Ariel's mother. First of all, Athena looks almost EXACTLY like Ariel look;

Now you might not think this is too bad, I mean its common that parents look like their children but the fact that Ariel is Triton's 'favorite' daughter comes off as something extremely creepy now. Ariel has a lot of siblings and not one of them look like Athena. Its really distracting and weird.

Okay so afterwards we learn that during Athenas time everyone was happy and cheerful which obviously means that something tragic is going to happen to her. While King Triton and his family are at the shore playing around, he gives Athena a music box. All of a sudden, a pirate ship approaches at a snail's pace and while everyone hides under the water Athena forgets her music box on the rocks. Instead of being a sane person and wait for the ship to pass by to get the music box, Athena goes for the music box while the Pirate ship is right in front of her. As expected, the pirate ship crashes against her and kills her.


I feel no pity for Athena, none whatsoever. It was natural selection at its finest, since no normal and sane person would risk their life for a stupid music box. I actually replayed the scene three times to see if she had another motivation but nope, it was just the music box. Wouldn't it be better if she died saving someone? Why does it have to be for a tacky music box? It makes no sense.

So because Athena was killed in the name of magical musical boxes, from that day on Triton HATES MUSIC RAWR. Thus, music is forbidden in Atlantica.

You heard right, this is the plot of the movie. Triton forbids music in Atlantica because his wife was killed by a music box so Ariel wants to...return music to Atlantica or something. The moment the plot reared its ugly head, I lost all hope for this movie. I watched this with the biggest and grumpiest frown on my face because I knew that with a plot like that, there was no hope for this movie.

Also, Ariel is a total brat in this. I know she has the right to...ugh...listen to music but she has that same holier than thou attitude that gets on my nerves. She doesn't understand that her father is grieving and these kind of wounds take time to heal. Instead she's like "OMG DADDY YOU ARE SO OLD AND BORING IM GONNA RUN AWAY" . Again, I know Triton is wrong for in his kingdom but still, I couldn't root for either side since all they did was lash at each other and they didn't try to understand the situation. Wait...why is Ariel Triton's favorite again? Oh...yeah...she looks like her- ahem moving on.

Now what makes Ariel even more unlikable is her sisters. They are a thousand times more charming and likable than her, therefore they upstage her. This works against the movie since well...its called 'Ariel's Beginning'. Its supposed to be about how Ariel came to be.

Flounder and Sebastian also act completely out of character. Flounder is no longer a cowardly guppy and is actually the complete opposite and Sebastian constantly disobeys Triton's orders. Oh and the antagonist here is so so so bland get this, her main objective is getting Sebastian's job. Thats it. At least Morgana wanted world domination or something, this antagonist just wants a better paycheck. Lame.

Okay there something good in this movie? Well...the animation isn't bad (the character designs are very wonky though) and like I mentioned before Ariel's sisters are charming and fun. Also, the antagonist's sidekick is adorable (his name is Benjamin I think) which is pretty sad how the sidekick upstages its villain.

Thats all I have to say concerning this movie, its a huge waste of time and it satisfies no one. Whether you love or hate Ariel this movie is not for you, I think the perfect audience for this are four year olds but even I wouldn't be so cruel and make them watch this!
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summerautumn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
I watched this and the whole thing is a story either Triton or Sebastian and Flounder or all 3 of them made up as it contradicts the TV series as Flounder is braver and Sebastian is more tolerant of Ariel's antics than usual also that music box may have been Triton wanting to pretend that Ariel or one of the others, Attina perhaps wasn't about to be ran over which is in all reality how Athena died and it would also stand to reason that however old Triton is he forgot that Alana's tail is pink which is the only off model nitpick I have.Attina and Adella's coloring I can understand as they most likely wanted them to have orange and yellow originally but there was only so much off that to go around getting back to Triton though it's very logical that he did not want to really tell how Athena died as although this would inspire Ariel it would also frighten her
Kittengoo Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The poor TV series was forgotten by Disney. That even established backstories!
summerautumn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Yeah, but all of us know LMTV was the true prequel, this is apparently the non-cannon LM movie why does Disney have to contradict themselves? This is actually the only film I see as fanfiction, Cinderella 3 to an extent but more believable than this piece of seaweed
emilyanncoons Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I saw both LM2 and LM3...I remember LM2 and kinda sorta enjoyed it...I know I watched LM3...I...I don't remember anything about it...that's how terrible it was for me. I know I was watching the movie going " this?" It was terrible, and I agree with this critique. Can't wait for the next 4, cause I really can't think of what else could be next (maybe Notre Dame 2? Can't remember what you did already)
Kittengoo Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
heheheh you will just have to wait and see ;)
DMRichards Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
There was an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess with a similar plot but with dancing. BUT those writers made it enjoyable, regardless of how silly the topic was. Keep in mind it was a tv show and it was far from the best episode of the series, but they ran with it and actually made it fun to watch!

But this, as you said, was just wasted potential. Your believed thought about this would have made a great movie! Well as good as you can get for someone like Ariel... Oh well.

I can't actually think of any more disney sequels, so these next ones should be very interesting!
CricketMojo Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
"The directors of The Little Mermaid, Ron Clements and John Musker, explain that the reason there is so much tension between Triton and Ariel is because they are so much alike. Ariel is strong-willed and an individualist, much like her father. As a young man, Triton even had red hair like Ariel's."

Ariel was in fact supposed to resemble Triton, not Athena. Athena's design was apparently based off of Ariel in the second movie, just aging her a little more.
So, no, Triton does not show favoritism toward Ariel because she looks like her mother (her mother technically looks like her since she was designed after Ariel). So I don't think it's fair to say Triton is creepy for this, it's the people who put little- scratch that, no thought into Athena's design.

Other than that, I agree with your critique, for the most part.
Kittengoo Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I respectfully disagree, I think Athena looks way too much like Ariel physically and the fact she was musically inclined also makes her similar to Ariel. I don't agree that Triton's favoritism is due to her headstrong nature since he's constantly annoyed by this and never says 'I used to be like that'.

Of course you are free to think what you want, I just disagree with this :) Don't get me wrong I love Triton and he's my favorite character in the first movie I just wish that they didn't make Athena so Arielish since it makes his favortism creepy to me.
Qydra Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That adoration doesn't necessarily imply sexual interest, though. The resemblance likely brings back memories of Athena, but not THAT way.
CricketMojo Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
No offense, but this isn't just my opinion, the directors- Ron Clements and John Muske, said that Triton was headstrong and stubborn just like Ariel, and that she got her red hair from him.

Also, yes, Athena looks like and is musically inclined like Ariel, but this is after the other two movies were made. She was designed AFTER and BASED off of Ariel from the second movie, so it's the creator's fault for being lazy and just ripping off of Ariel's design. Once again, originally she is favored because she reminds Triton so much of himself (this is according to the directors).

Simba is constantly annoyed by Kiara, but she is exactly like him when he was younger, and he never admits it either. xD

So yeah, that's it. :x
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