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October 12, 2013


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Hello everyone! With the release of Pokemon X/Y I was inspired to make a post about the most annoying part of the Pokemon fandom; Genwunners. Since the beginning, these guys have been farting their nostalgic gasses ruining the Pokemon experience for all fans. They usually pop up when a new Generation is introduced, however they especially got whiny after Generation 3. In my opinion, Generation 5 had the biggest WAAAAH fest courtsey of the Genwunner's club but Gen 6 is also getting its whiners as well. Therefore I think its more than appropiate to release this post now that the whining is at full blast!

I've been part of the Pokemon fandom since the third grade. I can remember Pokemon as being the 'new hip trend' therefore everyone was into it and life was peaceful for the most part. Since I was a child and life was simpler back then, whenever I look back to Generation 1 and 2 I feel nostalgic and...well...happy! Pokemon wasn't just a videogame to us kids; it was a way of life (this is super geeky I know but hell, thats what we thought back then!). It made our imaginations run wild and it made us cut up paper Pokemon to pretend they were real. 

Now as a kid, I played the Gen 1 and Gen 2 games obsessively. Because the time period was so fun and simple, I cherished and enjoyed the games fully even if my little child brain didn't catch the flaws. Who cares if the Golbat sprite was the most horrifying thing anyone ever designed? It was the game where it allowed us to be Pokemon trainers, and we thanked our lucky stars for that. Being children we fondly remember the godawful game glitches as POKEGODS and mysteries that needed to be solved. As a kid you are way more forgiving to flaws, especially to the phenomenon that was Pokemon. This my friends is called; nostalgia. 

It feels like a UTOPIC AGE OF WONDER because we were CHILDREN. That holographic Charizard is technically a piece of cardboard but your childish mind registered it as the greatest way to make your school mates green in envy. THE KEY TO ULTIMATE POPULARITY. 

So lets fast forward years later. Gen 3 proved to be quite an infamous generation for the 'old fans' because it lacked any of the old pokemon. Was this fair for the games? Absolutely not. Gamefreak wanted to try a new formula and new designs. They wanted to keep moving forward by expanding the Pokemon universe. It no longer felt familiar to some of the older fans and it ceased to be that awesome playground they used as kids. Let me put it this way, imagine that when you were a kid you used to go to this awesome little park. Even with the faulty swing and the rusty monkey bars, you still loved this park. Years later, they replaced the park with a more modern jungle gym and super slide. You've outgrown this park and it seems unfamiliar to you, therefore you feel that you can't use it. Its an understandable feeling. 

 In the game's case it was an entirely new region and it was really hard to get the old Pokemon, so perhaps they should've made a better balance with the old and new. Nevertheless, Pokemon lost a lot of its old fanbase and some of them evolved into the dreadful Genwunners. 

In my opinion while Gen 3 wasn't perfect, it didn't deserve such harsh rejection from the old fans. Playing the game it did feel fresh and new and it still felt like Pokemon. Not to mention that got a new audience. Then Generation 4 came along, and they made evolutions to some old Pokemon. The Genwunners popped up again and sneered at the changes, and of the fact that it no longer had the Kanto region and that the games rejected the old pokemon. 

However...this out cry was a whimper compared to Generation 5.

Despite the fact that Generation 5 was the best Pokemon games up to date, the Genwunners whined at full blast. WHY ARE THE POKEMON SO UGLY?!??! I MISS THE OLD DAYS WHERE THE GAMES DIDN'T HAVE POKEMON BASED ON ICE CREAM WTFBBQ. 

The inverse effect happened when Generation 6 announced that there will only be 69 new pokemon. Many Genwunners haughtily complained that Gamefreak is running out of ideas while they jerked off to Charizard X/Y. 

So, after this retrospective of the Genwunner species, what are the most common complaints you can find on these kind of fans? (and I say this term REALLY loosely because no real fan will forbid a franchise to change and evolve). 


Every technical flaw of Gen 1 right here, you're welcome:…

Not only that but the games were full of glitches, plus wonky pokemon designs that looked NOTHING like the official designs, and 
if you didn't have a link cable or a friend with the game you couldn't get all Pokemon (so in a way you couldn't beat the primary objective of the game). Most importantly, the game was incredibly unbalanced because Psychic types were overpowered. Nothing could beat these 'mons, so being competitive in Gen 1 was almost impossible.

The new games are LIGHT YEARS better than the old games. This is coming from someone who played the old games obsessively as a kid, believe me when I say this. Gen 1 and Gen 2 games seem better because you were an easily impressed crotchdumpling when you played them. You forgave its imperfections and its flaws because it let you kill things with you level 100 Charizard with Fire Blast, Ember, Cut, and Flamethrower. If you STILL think that Gen 1 games are better in a technical level then I'm sorry but you are a lemming (I apologize to lemmings everywhere). 


Yes, the generation that brought us a pile of purple decomposed garbage, a bunch of eggs with faces on them, a mole that evolved into three angry moles, a pokeball with a face on it COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE UNORIGINAL NOOOO. 

I'm not gonna lie and call Generation 5 perfect. Some of it's designs were overcomplicated. However, this applies to every generation. There will always be animal pokemon, object pokemon, beautiful pokemon and ugly pokemon. NO GENERATION is perfect when it comes to its designs and even if you believe in the bottom of your heart that Gen 1 had the best designs, that is an opinion and not a valid argument. What may be attractive to YOU may not be attractive to someone else. 

But in a way, Genwunners are saying to IGNORE Generation 5 because it has 'the ice cream pokemon'. Yes, let's ignore the generation that has; a better story, better mechanics, better graphics, and higher team customization because it has a pokemon you think is ugly. BOOOOO FUCKING HOOOOOOOO. 


Pretty much this post:… defines the typical Genwunner complaint. 

Now there is a very simple solution to all of this, it might even blow you mind. If you don't want to bother with natures and Evs...Don't bother with them. Play the game casually and have fun your OWN way. However, you cannot deny the fact that making the game more strategic increases the possibilities and makes it more challenging (and in many cases fun). I know you cannot quench your thirst for destruction with all those complicated numbers, but back at Gen 1 the only Pokemon that had a chance competitively was Mewtwo. Psychic types were vastly overpowered and being the Psychic type legendary , it was ESSENTIAL to have this guy in your team if you wanted to survive. 

I suppose since the games were uncomplicated it was easier for us to comprehend them when we were children. But it seems that Genwunners are still in that mindset. They DON'T want to change because they remember Pokemon as a utopic time of wonder, unaware that the only reason WHY they are so blind is because of nostalgia. They want to feel like they are in their little 8 bit playground again with their Charizard and Missingno. However, what differences Genwunners from nostalgic fans are one important factor; they want to ruin the fun for everyone else. That's what makes them an incredibly despicable sector in the fandom because instead of supporting the franchise they 'love so much' they want to kill it. Instead of offering constructive and logical arguments on how to improve the games, they take steps back and rely on insignificant things like the horrors of the ice cream pokemon.

Fans that want their franchise to take steps back are not true fans. Those who are afraid of change and progress are toxic. This is why its best to spray those Genwunners with logic and let them be. The best thing to do is to enjoy and play the games you love while they rot in their complaint pit. If someone dares to keep you from enjoying something harmless and fun, they are not worth it.

Thanks for reading, and I shall wait patiently for my copy of Pokemon X (just two more weeks for me). Happy gaming loves!


I don't mind people posting their negative opinions concerning me, but some people take it so personally. They believe that me posting a certain opinion or a set or arguments is going to change the fabric of reality as we know it, and they call me 'rude' for posting such opinion in the first place.

The only thing I said that really set them off is that Gen 1 is inferior to Gen 5. I believe Gamefreak thinks this too. 

I never said the designs are better (unless you count graphics) since that depends on taste. But if you want to prove that Gen 1 is better than Gen 5 in the TECHNICAL sense, I would love to see your arguments. I really do. 

Tell me WHY the story is better, why are the flawed game mechanics 'superior', and how the battle system is more refined. 

The post I made was directly to GENWUNNERS who are a negative part of the Pokemon fanbase. They offer NOTHING constructive and they are NEVER polite. People who are Gen 1 fans and express their opinion in a well done manner are NOT Genwunners.

I get tired of replying to posts like this because they usually put words in my mouth or they feel like I'm 'attacking' them. I'm not attacking, I'm saying what many people have said before. Genwunners are the worst part of the Pokemon community for being mean spirited and rude and they should either grow up or get out.

I'm not here to challenge anyone, there are no 'opponents'. Calm yo tits peeps. 
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DrCoeloCephalo Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your opinion is agreeable and logical. I guess as far as 'nostalgia' goes for me, I was just playing mini-games in Pokemon Stadium and laughing my lungs out at Lickitung's 'blargh' cry when I sent it out. So I didn't really have that special connection to the older games until Fire Red and Emerald when I was about 10. 

As far your points go:

1) I'm glad I never had to put up with all the nonsense those glitches must've made.

2) I LOVE variety. The more different the Pokemon get, the better. It makes for new combinations and nearly limitless possibilities. Plus, Pokemon has been fun for me to memorize as a kid. There's no such thing as 'stupid' Pokemon... unless you're referring to Slowpoke or Slowbro. Probably the only Kanto Pokemon I ever cared about seriously were Snorlax, Lickitung and Dragonite. 

3) I've only recently gotten into competitive battle in generation 6, so I'm among the lucky ones that didn't have to worry about the past traumas of EV's. Now that we have Super Training and Horde Battles, we only need to spend up to 1 hour to get the appropriate EV's for a single Pokemon. Of course, if trainers don't like all that stuff, even if it is made easier than ever, then like you said, they don't have to do it. Nobody's forcing them to dump their favorite Starter Pokemon or cruddy Eeveelution for something that outclasses it. They just shouldn't expect to win against someone online.

It's hard to find something I can disagree with you on. I like when Game Freak does something new to make it so I'm not just replaying the same thing again.
PHIZBENANDPOKEMONRUL Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My team against genwunners:
Zoroark, Zekrom, reshiram, Serperior, Emboar, and samurott

Their team: 
Magikarp,Voltorb,Magnemite,Diglett,Charizard, and grimer

Genwunner:My team has the coolest designs ever! A fish, A pokeball, A magnet, A mole thing and a dragon

Me:I have a werewolf, A dragon, another dragon, A serpent, a samurai and a boar that can make his own bacon, Now shut up or I will kill you genwunner.
PHIZBENANDPOKEMONRUL Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist… Genwunner is on this link.
SagaTheMeow Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Artist
I disagree with you on so many things.

The reason many of us feel like this is not because we think Pokémon Red is objectively better than Pokémon Y, but because we believe that Pokémon Red, when pitted against the rest of the games of it´s generation, was a groundbreaking game that could hardly be compared to anything else portable at that time.

Pokémon Y, as fun as it is, and as objectively superior as it is over Red, is not a "groundbreaking" game unmatched by the rest of the games of it´s generation.
But this is not because "it cannot be done" but rather, because Nintendo keeps releasing new features and expanded gameplay little by little to sell more and more games.

For instance, do you really think it would be that much of a problem for them to make a game that allows everyone to re-visit all the old regions and collect every single badge and then make some kind of massive league tournament against all the main chars and notable characters of every generation?

Let´s face it, the only reason Nintendo does not do such a thing is because money talks and the current model works, not because they could not make another groundbreaking title.

So yes, "genwunners" will keep hoping and praying for nintendo to throw everything into the oven and making another legendary Pokémon game.


The reason many of us dislike this is because it made making a team of your fav Pokémon and playing any seriously completely incompatible.

You talk about how "Mewtwo ruled over all" but Mewtwo was usually banned in pretty much every tournament or competition, and i know this since
i was one of the 10 winners of the gold/silver promotion Pokémon tournament in Spain back in the day.

Back in the day, you could still participate half seriously with a team made of favorites,  now, you cannot do it anymore for the most part.

And your rant about IV/EV/NATURES is pure bullshit.
The new "system" does not make battles more "strategic" nor it depends on skill or ability.

The new system is all about farming eggs for days, weeks or even months ´til your perfect nature/IV/EV team is trained.....just so you can play as competitively as you could have done so from the start if these random numbers did not exist to begin with.

Stop fooling yourself, IV/EV/NATURE are not here to make "the game more challenging", they are there to force you to spend more time in the game  and involving yourself with it in order to be able to participate and compete in any serious level.

That is, of course,  unless you consider running on your bike in endless circles a matter of skill and ability.

I will not even address all your "Genwunners are this,  genwunners suck, genwunners are rotten" and the rest of ad hominems that you have thrown all over your text because frankly they discredit you enough by themselves.

Same goes with your wild assumptions about why and how what you call genwunners think and operate, because they are downright ridiculous.

Damian109 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
What she's saying is true. I've met quite a few who act exactly like who she describes them, my cousin is even dating one. They consently say that the new pokemon suck and are unoriginal and uncreative. Then when I point out the faults and uncreative designs Gen 1 had, they cuss me out and call me retarded for comparing Gen 1 to the new Gen's. I evev listed over 70 creative pokemon designs but they ignored them and only looked at Garbodor and Vanillish and because of these two the new gens suck. I even asked this girl a few days ago on this site why she hated the new pokemon games and still haven't got an answer. Very rarely do I meet that rare person who's not a fan of the newer Gens but respect the people that like them and don't act like jerks.
Kittengoo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist

I think you COMPLETELY misunderstood what a GENWUNNER is. 

A Genwunner does NOT equal a Generation 1 fan.
A genwunner is someone who wants to ruin everyone's fun by saying THE NEW GAMES SUCK without any good arguments. 

I've met them, which is why I wrote this. It's obvious I'm not the only one since people DO agree with me.
Now you obviously disagree and that's fine but seriously nothing will change that Gen 1 was plagued with technical problems. I don't give a fuck if it's groundbreaking, because that fact doesn't make it superior. The fact stands that Pokemon is still popular after all this time and people are still buying the games. The argument that Pokemon Red is BETTER than the games after simply because it's groundbreaking is silly, because the poor graphics and the flawed battle system means that while it's groundbreaking it is not TIMELESS to many. It's like saying the Atari is better than the Super Nintendo because it came first, use your facts. 

I was RAISED with Gen 1, I LOVED Gen 1 as a kid. But I love Gen 6 more. Genwunners gave me shit for it, so I wrote a journal venting about it. 
How dare I vent in a personal blog oh my~

By the way, here's a lil secret...If you want to play Pokemon the OLD way do it. Don't bother with EVs and Ivs and just choose your favorites THEY ARE STILL THERE. Also, I like the Nature/IV/Evs aspect of the game more than every Pokemon being the fucking same one in the old games. And the fact that there is no Attack/special split in the attacks, unbalanced typing, glitched moves...need I say more? 

I'm not going to further debate with you because your comment is obviously looking for a fight and not looking to debate in a pleasant way. So yea, this will be my las comment on the subject because I feel that reasoning with the likes of you is pointless. Have a good day <3

SagaTheMeow Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Artist
A Genwunner, which  by the way, is a word created by the Transformers fandom and not the Pokémon fandom, is a fan of the original series/games that considers that only the first generation is good and that everything that came afterwards is not as good.  You can be a genwunner without being as aggressive as you describe, and i am often called such.

You talk about Pokémon Red´s technical problems conveniently ignoring the GAMEBREAKING BUG that Pokémon Y/X had, which erased the savefiles of thousands of players before it was patched a few weeks later.

Then, with your typical condescending excuse for an attitude, you tell me that " i can still play my way and with the pokémon i choose" conveniently ignoring that every single discussion about the game systems is obviously taking the competitive scene into account, and not your regular solo/friendly gameplay.

Yes, i can play "the way i want with the pokémon i choose",  i could potentially make a team of lv1 magikarps and "play the game" but that does not change THE FACT that the new system has totally wrecked a big amount of teams, pokémon and combinations.

So yeah, cut your WELL DUH!!!!! attitude because you do not seem to even understand what the gameplay-debates are about

And finally, you have showcased once again your incredible ability to interpret the intention of those that oppose to you, and claim i am here to fight you and that it is pointless to discuss "with the likes of me"

You are the only confrontational douchebag around here.
"Have a good day" <3
Kittengoo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I only act as a douche to people who act like fuckheads hunny buns! By the way I made this journal months ago and my opinion has been slightly changed by those who debated with me in a civil manner. 

Oh and at least the glitch in X/Y was FIXED :D Yeah conveniniently ignore that argument to win a pointless debate. The gen 1 games are still around so there is no reason for you to bitch and moan that the new games are not SUITED FOR YOU :).

So yeah, I'm going to block you to save you from humiliating yourself any further with your idiotic comments. 
Bye, bye baby~:heart:
dookieshed Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
you said crotchdumpling

my life is complete
Qydra Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Five hours into the game, I had Ralts, Torchic, Beedrill, Pidgeotto, and Charmander on my team.

How can genwunners possibly complain about X and Y??  They brought back the freaking all-stars from all generations, including many of the original Generation 1 Pokémon, and made them available early in the game!  I mean, the professor lets you pick a Gen 1 starter in the third town.  If that doesn't appease the whiners, I don't know what will.  Me?  I'm going to relish my Gardevoir, my Blaziken, and my Charizard.

And yes, Gen 5 brought us the Ice Cream Pokemon.  It also brought us an awesome Ghost/Fire sweeper that stokes its mystic flames with the souls of those it has killed, a cyber-tank dragon with three heads, the freaking Dragonite of bug Pokémon, and, at long last, a pure-blooded Dragon-type that stayed that way.  To me, I can overlook one stupid Pokémon for all the awesome ones each generation brings us.
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